Weather we go!

Inspired by an idea my wife had and with the great help of @ThinhDinh with the scripts, we have been working on this app. This is a work in progress.

It’s a weather app. The idea is for the user to be able to check the weather when traveling. We managed to be able to show the weather in the location and destination cities. We’re still working on finding a way to get the cities in between and prevent the geo2zip from being triggered every time the app is opened.

Take a look at it. Suggestions accepted!




Well done! :clap:t3:


Where is the APP link to check it out @Santiago_Perez1?? :face_with_monocle:

Nos vemos

I did not post it because it crashes when requesting info more than probably 8 times. As I said, still work in progress.


wow! very good! would you share the data to achieve it? thanks!!!

Hey @Lucas_Riachi

Sure! But it’s still having problems with the APIs.

Here’s the app. You can copy it. I’d you find a way to have it work just share it here.

@ThinhDinh helped me a lot with the formulas. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind to continuing to help to get it better developed.

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My pleasure to help :wink:

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I really wanna keep working on it but I have no idea how to make the scripts stops saying they failed.

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It only failed when you reach the daily limit, is that correct?

It fails everyday. I have not opened the app in a while and still get the notification that the script failed.

Ah Google sends a weird notification that sums up the total fail runs from the start till now if I recall right. It may not have been a recent fail.

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I just got one and it’s from yesterday. It actually says “Script not found”


Let me know if you like to look at a the script and I’ll share the GS with you. Although, I think it’s shared with you already.

Did you accidentally remove any functions in there? It says the GOOGLEMAPS function inside the script is not found.

I don’t think so. I havent touched the GS at all.


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Santiago, is the script in GS although the error messages?

You can see it in GS?

I was looking into it today. I reseted it to a previous version and it’s working but the query formula is not. :man_shrugging:t6:

Great job :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: