Want to upgrade your My Apps to become a full team?

We are beginning to migrate My Apps folders to become full teams, with members, app favoriting, and other features we plan to add for teams. If you want to be among the first to migrate, please fill out this form.

We will eventually migrate everyone, but we’re looking for some community members to go first to test it out. I have successfully migrated my personal My Apps already :smiley:


All my apps seeing this

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David, do you plan to add member hierarchy feature to My Apps and Teams? So we can decide what they can or cannot edit, etc.

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Yes, but it will be on a Business plan.



Who is geren****bb@gmail.com? We did yours first, please check it.

@Alexis_AZOULAI we migrated yours, please check.

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@ThatGuyInArizona we migrated yours, please check.

It’s perfect. Thank you so much for this great job :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Thanks @david it’s amazing

Hey David, another suggestion is to be able to add tags to our apps.