Vertical Height Between Images

I am sure this has been addressed, but I couldn’t find a related post. How do I change the vertical distance between two images? Here are two images and I would like them to be closer together…



Which 2 images are you referring to here? The “Workout plans” and the “Nutrition plans”?


Are you placing the second image component right after the first one? You’re using a CSS to fill the background on that screenshot?

Yes, a CSS file for the background. And then I was placing the first image and then the second one. I am NEW to all of this so I don’t have a working knowledge of how all of this works.

Can we have a screenshot and the CSS code that you’re using to set this up? As far as I aware images putting together in consecutive components won’t have that big of a gap between them. It might be the CSS, or it might be the actual single images that you use have gap in them.

Hi. Yes, you were right. It was the images themselves. So, I used CANVA and deleted the "area’… thank you!