Using script html tags in our app

Hi there,

I know that html tags are not officially supported as part of the rich text components, nevertheless they would allow us to progress on some areas for our apps and their shipment to customers : web analytics, api parsing, and so on. To bring the added value missing sometimes for a go live and generate business.

Is there or will there be a way to make use of script tags within our apps? This would really help for multiple purposes…

Many thanks for your feedback!


No, we will likely never do this. We will add analytics and API integrations though.


OK, thanks David. Do you know to date if is a short, middle or long term integration?

I think we will do Google Analytics integration soon! I’ll advocate to do it in the next development cycle.

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Many thanks David, very appreciated!

Can I make integration third party to payment gate, chat, and top up fund?
Because my Government role for Start Up must local domain and people like local payment gate.This have not Stripe, I have confirm to ask to Stripe also.