Using glide apps in ipadOS

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I’m thinking about buying an iPad and I’ll only buy if I can edit my glide apps on that. Did anyone try this with the ipadOS? I already try it with different Mobile devices and I couldn’t (and my laptop just stopped working, so would be nice to know before spending this cash).


Hey @efremfilho, I only discovered Glide Apps a few days ago and I begun and continue to use it successfully on my iPad pro 12.9”.

It is unequivocally the best implementation of an interface for the iPad of many other online platforms. (Squarespace was used by Apple IN the demo for ipadOS and it isn’t up to par via Safari in reality.) They’ve really thought about how it can be used successfully - without limitation that I can find.

That said, I can use my fingers to navigate all elements accordingly… but I CANNOT use my Apple Pencil to do the same thing… a bit odd but of no major hinderance. I spend most my time with my pencil dangling out of my mouth anyways. :wink:

We use iPads at Glide to demo Glide, it works reasonably well.

yeap now works done. Maybe it was some problem with the new iPad size. I had a similar problem with typeform.

Thanks, guys, keep up the good work!