User Access Default to Current Date Field

I’m sure this is a function already available?.. When a user inputs data into a list item (touches that record), I need the current date to post to a viewable non-editable “Action Date” field. Thanks!

Yep, just add the Current Date/Time Special Value component and point it to any column you want filled.

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So if I want to make a table for a separate tab that would summarize how many records were touched by whom by date @Jeff_Hager ? Can you tell I’m a Non-Techie but very dangerous improving biz productivity / profits? :smile:

Just so I’m sure, you want a hierarchy of date -> user -> record count, correct?

Exactly @Jeff_Hager Table would consist of date/user/record count
Thanks for your help!

Something like this should work for you. Just paste it in a new sheet. In my example, D=Date Column and E=Email column

=query(Lessons!A1:L, “select D, E, COUNT(D) where D is not null group by D, E order by D, E”, 1)

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