Use Actions to Trigger Keyboard Shortcut?

I want to trigger the keyboard shortcut (ctrl + shift + L) on the user’s computer when a button on the app is pushed. Is that possible with custom actions?

What are you trying to do with that set of keystrokes?

I use the app to present at conferences and it triggers a new loom recording. I have a list of topics in the app and I want to automatically trigger a loom recording to start when I open the topic.

Hmm, well I can say for sure that you can’t do that with Glide actions.

I also highly doubt that a browser would allow a website to execute keystroke commands due to the severe security implications of something like that.

My only thought would be if there was some way to trigger loom with a specially formatted url, but I don’t know if they have anything like that.

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You might be able to trigger a loom recording via a specially formatted URL. You can try looking up Loom’s API documentation or reaching out to their support team to see if this is possible.