Upload image to Cloudinary from within Glide


am able to change the code, but it only changes it for the first image. Then when I go to upload another image, it pulls the image that already has that name into it.

I guess the problem is that you are using an unsigned preset i cloudinary. Using unsigned preset means that images will not be overwritten.

But if you want the best help I think you should describe step by step what you want to achieve. Not how to do it - but what you actually want to achieve.

Do you want to upload to cloudinary independently of glide - or should glide be involved in the upload process. How do you want the images to be used in cloudinary - is it a simple list a image - or should individual images be mapped to something special etc.

Thank you for the response. I am not looking to do anything to complicated, I am really just trying to use Cloudinary instead of Glide’s images. I am worried I will run out of space with the free plan. This is going to be for a fish tracking app for our annual fishing trip and we plan on catching a lot of fish!

So ultimately what I am looking for is a user submitted form. In that form, they upload an image, then have that image displayed in the details of the catch, which is what was entered in the form.

Any help is very much appreciated.

@Ed_Pietrzak The Upload to Cloudinary app lets you create a company (~a fish catch) and upload a number of images related to the company.

You might want to have a form where you inside the form upload an image. But that isn’t possible as the fish catch hasn’t got an id yet until the form is submittet. And you want to link the catch and the image.

Take a look on the app again if you feel. And again, try to describe in more detail step by step what you want to achieve. Not how to do it - but what you actually want to achieve.

Got it. Thank you for the explanation, that makes more sense now. I will rethink my form.


This is soo cool.

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did you use the web view component with this

@Glider yes I did. As described the in my first post

i have a question how did you get the link you used with the webview component

I created the link myself in the glide editor based on the company Id and a rollup column

in the link there is a part labekked website
in your app you replaced it with something else
are we meant to change it based on our cloudinary account

You have to create your own webpage and place on your own website

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so we add the script to the head of our website

what of subdomains

@Glider I’m not a website developer and only know the very basic things about websites. The webpage shown in this thread describes how I did it.

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@krivo where do we inpit our api key and secret

@glider you will not need to put it in as you are using an unsigned upload preset in Cloudinary.
If you get the signed upload preset to work please share with us here. I would like to do it but at the moment I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it. My background isn’t as programmer so it is a bit tough what Cloudinary has lined up

Just happened to see this thread and thought I’d chime in. I recently (like yesterday) created an app that is a selfie scavenger hunt. You take a picture at a location and then the app spits back at you the same picture, but with a ghost added to it. This is done with Zapier and Cloudinary. Turned out pretty cool. We’re going to sue it for a big open house at a old prison in conjunction with the prison museum.

So you’re adding a ghost layer to the image? Zapier is only added to avoid storage, is that correct?