Unique row id automatically

Hi I need to get an order id which should be unique not like an unique identifier generating one.is it possible?

You can try using Row ID, or create a starting value ex: 100001 and then use increment or a math function on it.

As @Amal said, you can try Row ID, or in a form, the column called Unique Key

May I ask why don’t you just populate the unique identifier value to the new order, assuming you’re using a form? Or you want your IDs to follow a specific format?

I’m already populating the unique identifier but the app is a clothing store app so I need to be in some order.thats y I need this.

every time you add a new item, increment the ITEM ID by 1… simple

So something like “ID-0001”, “ID-0002” etc.?

How do I increment automatically?

There are a number of ways that this can be done, and which is best will depend on your specific use case. Refer to the following topic for some possible approaches:

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