Two dates overlap with another two dates

I’ve been doing rental of machine. Got a list of job in one sheet(Job Page):
Machine ID , start date and end date in one sheet

And i created one row page (landing page) as home to check whether is there any overlapping date for each machine before adding to the Job Page.

I created additional column in Job Page Start Date Selection(first row), End Date Selection(first Row), SV of Start Date Selection and SV of End Date Selection. One if then column to list down the overlapping machine with selected date.

Lastly, list the Machine that not included in overlapping list.

My question is, if i need to do the same thing but in edit page . How can i do that ? because, the row is dynamic, so i cannot have the SV column form “this item”.
So that, they cannot change the date or machine in overlapping date.

Do you guys get what i mean?

What about using the same table as an “edit” screen? Say when the user clicks an “Edit” button, you write the Machine ID, start date and end date of the current row to the helper table, show the “custom edit screen” for that table, do the logic on that row, and if the logic is ok then when the user clicks “Save”, you write that info back to the right row?

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Let me try first :thinking: :thinking:

For this step, let say , right now i need to edit at row 200, and selection should be made at the first row, its quite impossible to set column from row 200 to 1 right?

Why is the selection made at the first row?

i’m doing something like
Start Date Selection , End Date Selection and get Single Value from the selection to check the overlapping date.

But I assume your “helper” table is a different table from the one you’re using store rental records, is that correct?

I put in the same table…