Turn coordinates /latitude/longitude into address

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Thanks for helping: I am creating airbnb for camping - available at Campable

Right now I display two options to showcase listings: list/card view as well as map view. Either way, when user presses the listing, they get to the details-card of the actual listing.

Now my problem:
I use location-on when a property gets listed, so we auto-fetch the location. I like this solution because it is easy and aims for mobile use. However, I cannot directly display the actual address tied to the latitude/longitude combination. However, I would love to display the address in the card-view of listings as well as actual details-display of listing.

Does somebody have a solution for me here? Maybe some zap or something?

Thanks a lot for your help, community!

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Johannes, campable.xyz founder

hi, yes there are options

1.- if you use google sheets there is a free option with appscript (I think I can check 500/day) perfect to start
2.- if you use Glide Tables you can connect to the api for example google maps and perform the query directly (it involves creating a google cloud account with a credit card, “although it has free credits every month which many times satisfies the need”)

extra, te anexo el script para google appscript

With this you are creating a new formula for google sheets that would look like this, where A1 is the cell that contains “latitude” and B1 “longitude”

const GOOGLEMAPS_REVERSEGEOCODE = (latitude, longitude) => {
const { results: [data = {}] = } = Maps.newGeocoder().reverseGeocode(
return data.formatted_address;

I hope and serve you :smile:

You can use Nominatim to reverse-geocode it.