Trigger action without pressing button

Ability to trigger actions without being forced to select ‘user interaction’ and apply it to a button.

E.x. Trigger when a row is created.

This is needed for people using external forms and connecting via API.

And please don’t suggest “just use glideapps to create the form”. This doesn’t work for many use cases where people filling out the form don’t use the app, the app is used as a backend/CRM for the businesses employees. And also for people that want a very custom designed form, which isn’t doable in Glide.

And side note btw, pretty much every no-code database app out there is connected natively to Zapier/Make FOR FREE, and that’s because they understand that users need custom design/functionality in many use cases.

So Glide making it difficult to integrate with other platforms via API, and to not allow triggers like ‘When a row is created’ is a huge setback for many of us trying to build custom solutions for businesses.

I don’t mean to be salty or anything, I enjoy the simplicity and speed of building in Glide, this part just really sucks. I really hope Glide will get working on it soon.