Tracking each time a questionnaire is complete

Background: I have created an app that has multiple questionnaires (i.e. Alpha, Beta, Charlie). Each questionnaire is filled out separately and the results are stored in a database. The database also includes a column that lets me know which questionnaire was filled out as well as a column that lists the name of the person who filled it out.

Question: I would like the database to automatically assign a number each time the same user fills out the same questionnaire. How can I do this (like in the following example)?


Do you need to assign sequential numbers, or could you get away with using a Query column to find all matching Name/Questionnaires in each row, and then use a Rollup to count the matches.


I need sequential numbers.

sequential numbers

I think you can pretty much do what I mentioned in my previous post to get a Rollup count of all previous questionnaires, then create a Math column to add 1 to that number. Then pass that math value through your form to write it to your number completed column.

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