Too many tables! All in one possible?

As you all can see, I have almost 16 tables just for IN and OUT. For example,

  1. Check IN and OUT.
  2. Cover IN and OUT .
  3. Extra IN 1 and OUT 1.
  4. Extra IN 2 and OUT 2
    list goes in on!

It has been working perfect honestly since Jun 2020.

Would it be possible to have it all in two tables only? IN and OUT? then glide can read it if it is check in, extra in etc. ? Because it took me forever to lookup user data to user profile etc.

I remember someone told me about Unique ID something relation.
Any ideas will be highly appreciated to make my app easier :slightly_frowning_face:

Yes, you should be able to have a user column and make that column user specific and if you just want them to toggle back and forth use a button to timestamp. If you are recording these events then just use a user form to save the data. For the additional events glide can return multiple and you can list those in a inline list.