Tomorrow's Date is between Two Dates

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Hello, i’m come again with this problem. as solution above,
To find “Today” who on leave.

but now i need to add “tomorrow” who is on leave.

I’m using same method as you suggest but I find something wrong with the tomorrow’s date .
I think there’s a different between now() and today().

to find tomorrow’s date. I’m using math column “now()+1”

but when come to single if-then-else column.

  • If Start Date is after tomorrow’s date, then false
  • If End Date is before tomorrow’s date, then false
  • Else true

it still showing false for the start date is tomorrow’s date.

My guess would be that there are times included with your dates that are tripping things up.

For example, let’s say “Now” is December 15th at 3pm.
Therefore, tomorrow (Now + 1) will be December 16th at 3pm.
If your Start Date is December 16th at 4pm, then it will return false.

In this case, you might be better to first convert all your dates to integers. That will eliminate the time as a factor.

So, to get today, use the following:

Year(Now) * 10000
+ Month(Now) * 100
+ Day(Now)

Tomorrow will just be the above, plus 1.

So that will give you:

  • Today: 20221215
  • Tomorrow: 20221216

Then use the same math formula on your dates, and change the if-then-else to do a numerical comparison:

  • If Start is greater than Tomorrow, then null
  • If End is less than Today, then null
  • Else true

Meaning if in this case, the start date , end date also need to use the formula right ?

Yes, correct.

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