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Has anyone added or know if it can be added a time zone feature that can show current time?

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You just want to show current time on home page?

If answer is yes…use =Now()

If you want to show current time on every tab…just copy & paste this function to a new column of every single tab.

That will work. Thanks could similar formula populate current time other time zones. We have people in France, Dominican Republic Australia Nairobi Kenya.

That would likely require you to have a sheet to lookup the difference between your current time (the time of the owner’s spreadsheet) and the users. Let’s say you’re GMT+0, I’m GMT+7, then add 7 hours to my “now” time for display.

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This all depends on google sheet location. Please read this very helpful article for further assistance.

Awesome. That makes sense.
Thanks so much. This is exactly what I was looking for.


Yeah I would envision you to have something like.

  • User name
  • User country
  • A lookup column to show the difference between their country timezone and your now()
  • Their now() time - calculate via a formula to add/subtract time
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You can also do it with a math column.