Time Series Data Graph


I am trying to create a simple bar graph that displays a time series data. The value changes every 5 minutes. Of course this leads to a large number of data points and the bar chart does not have a good way to render.

Some issues:

  • The chart does not work like a sliding window where we can slide the chart left/right
  • Legend could be vertically aligned so it stays within the width of a bar thickness
  • Would be nice to have a line chart and bar chart combo)

Has anyone overcome these limitations by importing the graph from elsewhere? Maybe a Zapier action that takes a Date Range and sends to a service that renders the graph as an image which gets update. But this would be a weak workaround.


There’s not an easy way to do this, especially if you want to have a sliding window. I can’t recall a service being mentioned on here that you can do something with a webview.

The closest you can get is using Quickchart. Please see the “Displaying time series” part here.


However you must accept the fact that you can only put limited data points into that graph, or else it runs into the same problem like Glide’s native chart.