Text to speech API

I started playing around with this PECS app for non-verbal children.
Did anyone try to use a text to speech API? What format does the audio come? Is is even possible?

I did try to use an API in my own language a while ago, it was generating a link to an MP3 file, but it does take a while to generate so I abandoned that.

What does this API give you?

I would like the sound button to read out loud the sentence that is assembled
Its for non-verbal kids.
like Stephen Hawking :smiley:


Hi, when I thought about this topic (needed to teach English accent to my French kids!), I was wondering if it would be possible to embed Google Translate

I found these guidelines but did not know what to do with it! (Adding Google Translate to a Webpage)


You can try integrating an external application like any text to speech AI for these projects. Most free TTS apps like Googles TTS or Microsoft TTS are way off either in terms of accuracy or bugs, hence it’s better to use an AI that is more professional. Most CRMs use these kinds of APIs too

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