Template output Inconsistent?

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We are trying to send a Staff and/or Family JSON string to an api via the template component,

The JSON string are setup and extracted from 2 different tables. Both tables’ template column share the same structure.

We then send the chosen JSON to Pabbly.com which direct the data to an NoCodeAPI to populate google sheet. The issue comes when:

If we setup the API call using Staff JSON, it can process Staff JSON, but not Family JSON. and vice verse.

The API returns the following error

The following results in Pabbly showing successes using Staff JSON and failure for Family JSON.

Our question is will template output be inconsistent and how can we check?

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Template output can be inconsistent if the data sources used in the template column are not set up correctly. To check, you can review the data sources and make sure they are properly configured. Glide Docs • Template Store Guidelines

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@Darren_Murphy I think you or someone else has answered this before. Is Construct URL or URLEncoding the answer here?

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yeah, malformed JSON. The answer is to either use the Make JSON column to construct the JSON, or URLencode the strings.

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URLEncoding? Is there a guide in Glide for this?

Couldn’t get much help here: Glide Docs • Template Store Guidelines

Note that if you use that method, you will have to decode the content on the Pabbly side.
I would advise trying the Make JSON column first. That’ll probably be a bit easier.

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Unrelated to Darren’s solution, but the link you are referring to was for the template store. I assume you trying to find info on the template column instead.


Thanks Jeff! Let me check through.