Template column configuration - Auto suggest replacements

I’m quite certain I’ve actually seen this working somewhere on Glide, but cannot find it.
My idea is to try to save us time, and typos, when building large templates, such as JSONs. For example:

            "Time": "{Time}",
            "User": "{User}",
            "UniID": "{UniID}",
            "ClientType": "{clienttype}",
            "ProjectID": "{ProjectID}",
            "ClientFullName": "{ClientFullName}",
            "ClientFirstName": "{ClientFirstName}",
            "ClientMobile": "{ClientMobilePhone}",
            "MeetingStartTime": "{MeetingStartTime}",
            "MeetingEndTime": "{MeetingEndTime}",
            "MeetingLocation": "{MeetingLocation}",
"CalendarID": "{CalendarID}"

To my best knowledge, this is still a tedious manual work, i.e. replace all {XXXXX} with the column name.
Won’t it be nice to automate this, assuming column names match these parameters?

Yeah, good suggestion.
The math column already does this, so we know it’s possible :wink:

So that’s where I remembered it from!