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Hi all
I’m planning to make a discounted product, is it possible to display the discount Tag on the screen like the following screenshot :point_down:

And can I add the running time backwards like the following screenshot

You can add tags for images and card lists, the countdown you can create with math colum subtracting time now from time when promotions end

hi @Uzo Thank you for responding to me
I want the color of the TAG to be red, do I have to use CSS…?

For the countdown time I will try it.

Tag color, by default, is your app Primary color. To specify red, yes CSS will need to be used.

thank you @Robert_Petitto
I’ve tried to inspect but I found the class name for the TAG :sweat_smile:

Can you help me @Robert_Petitto :pray:

You bet…one sec.


div[id*='screenScrollView'] > div > :nth-of-type(9) [data-test="app-tag-overlay"] {
    background-color: red;
    color: white;

adjust nth-of-type to your element

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[data-test="app-tag-overlay"] {
background-color: black;


Thank you @Uzo , @Robert_Petitto
thank you, your instructions worked…


Happy to help!

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