Support Right-to-Left Languages

Would love RTL support


me too.


Hello Team,

Has anyone found any workaround for Right-To-Left languages?

I’m considering images with the text, cause my app is not content-intensive, but any input would be welcome.



Joining this feature request.

Do we have any news here?

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I have no use for this myself, however it feels like something Glide should be looking to support. It has my vote.


I’m in, RTL will be very appreciated


Glide cannot be used for apps that need RTL.

Yes pleas

It would be very helpful. We are trying all sorts of workarounds for RTL

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Thanks for the support

Please support RTL and bring peace to the middle east!

May I ask which workarounds?

CSS mostly, I believe.


Hi all,

Now that CSS is about to go down from apps, we need your support more than ever.

Please vote for RTL support.

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I use Glide in Hebrew, and not giving support to RTL makes it very difficult to use.
As I understand it, now it will also not be possible to become RTL using CSS either, which will surely prevent me from setting up more apps and looking for another solution.
Really a shame :confused:

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a huge client of mine is a charity in Israel for Hebrew speaking families, when will right to left support be added? (when css will brake they might have to leave the platform)

also building an app in Hebrew, this is our main challenge with it
if we can solve the alignment issue it will be perfect

Whether right-to-left is natively supported soon or not, you will still be able to use custom CSS for right-to-left text:

So you’ll need to update the CSS that will break.

I like Glide Apps and looking forward to do a lot with it but RTL is essential for Arabic, Hebrew and Persian.

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Any news on this? Very disappointed new user here :disappointed_relieved:
CSS workarounds posted by members seems to no longer work…