Summarize conclusions based on user's answers, Best approach?

I am asking my users a few questions , I would like to summarize the answers to my conclusions in words.
For example, the answers are: dog, cat, mouse, bird. Then: I would like to summarize it to “Animals” in the user’s column (And show only animals images).
By doing it in the ITE condition it wont work because I can make “AND” condition.

What is the right approach for this?
Thank you.

Let’s say I answer dog, cat, skyscraper, oranges then what should the system give back to me?

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Thank you for your replay.
Ill try to explain more:
I am asking my users about 30 questions, I would like to summarize the answers to 1 conclusion.
IF: answer 1 = a. AND answer 4 = no, AND answer 13 = sure, THEN: “Conclusion number 5” (for me) ,then = Show the user TABS number 1,4,6,7,

My need is to set the conclusion by creating AND condition to the answers.
Is it possible?

The general approach to using an if-then-else column in Glide to create a series of AND conditions is to eliminate the failing conditions one by one.

So to take your example…

  • If answer 1 is not equal to 1, then null (leave blank)
  • If answer 4 is not “no”, then null
  • If answer 13 is not “sure”, then null
  • Else “Conclusion number 5”
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Thank you. Works great.

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