Strange behaviour when trying to add item to collection from within edit page of another collection

Hi all
Sorry if this has been asked already, but seeing some strange behavior (which 24 hours ago was not the case as there was no issue). I can’t account for this as everything seems to be setup correctly:

  • I’m showing the edit record of a collections (Applicants)
  • Within this page, I have another collection (Experiences), allowing the applicants to add experiences
  • The add button in title is “Show Form Screen”
  • The form screen has the right destination (Experiences).
  • Row owners is set correctly, and there are no conditional visibility or filters set.
  • Hitting submit does not create a new record

I’m thinking the issue is something to do with being able to the record somehow, because, if I change the Add button on the original page to just “Add Row” and default fill the row owner, then a new record appears. Any edits to that new record however are not updated.

I’m a bit stumped. Any ideas?
My underlying data is stored in Airtable.