Sort Group By Separately

Ability to set a separate Sort By for the Group By in Collections.
This would enable you to sort the order of the groups and the order of the items inside each group.

For example at the moment we have a table collection of orders. These are grouped by order status and sorted to show the groups in order of progression, pending to dispatched.
But within each group it would be ideal to sort by order date so that the newest orders are displayed first.
Currently we cant as we need the groups to be in order of status.

You can do this by leveraging the Query column. Create a query column and set the ordering by Date, and use this column as the source of your Collection. Then set the ordering on your Collection to Status (the same as your grouping column).

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Wont this mean recreating the page setup of the collection Items?

As long as your Collection Item action is Show Details Screen, then no.

If you’re nervous about it, you can leave your original Collection intact first and add a second Collection using the Query column as a source.

Thanks Darren, will give it a go.
I’m sure there use to be separate sort by for the groups and the items on lists in the old apps. Shame the feature didn’t make it across.