SOLVED - Email a form with all fields when a record is updated

Hi, I’ve created a big summercamp/church/nonprofit directory app. I’m having volunteers update it using conditional logic, etc. etc… I’m using airtables in the background.

QUESTION: When a volunteer updates a record (example: summer camp with phone contacts, website, address … all the basics)… when a volunteer updates this, I want an email to be sent to a couple email addresses saying “A record has been updated on the AssemblyMap database. And in the email are all the fields and their info; right in the email.”

(I need it to go to a book publisher who creates a printed directory of these businesses).

I’m sure there’s a way to do it from the Airtables side OR Glide side. Any suggestions?

You could use the send email action using a button in Glide. To do this you’d need to likely create a template field with all the information you need from the listing and use that as the body of the email. Your app would need to be a Pro app to do this.

Another option is to use an email program that is supported by Zapier or and configure the email through that. This gives you more options for format but it’s a little more work to figure out and it might cost you money; you’d need to check either of those sites and compare the plans to the number of emails you think will be sent out.

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Darren, Thanks. Is it your understanding that the “Send email” button requires an email application to open on the users end? I was toying around with some of the button triggers and tried something close to that and I noticed it tried to open my main email app on my Mac… (as in it didn’t seem like it was using an internal mail server to send stuff out).

Yea I had thought of Zapier, but you are right it might takes some $ to do that.

Yes, send email will open the email program on your computer or phone with the information already inserted from Glide. If that’s not an option then you’ll want to use Zapier or I think might have more “Zaps” (shoot, what does Make call them? :smiley: ) in their free plan.

Makes? “Make it happen people…make it happen.”

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They call it operations.


But…that’s so boring! I’m calling them “Zaps” anyway. :wink:

SOLVED - Airtables actually as a tab for creating automations. This allows you put in your won email credentials and drop all the fields into an email and send to any addresses you want. If only I could get it to show JUST the updates, then we would be golden. I don’t need to show all the fields, just the updated ones.



Somebody asked a similar question a month or so ago. In response to that I created a demo app that shows one way to implement change log type functionality in Glide.

Here’s a link to the app. Feel free to make a copy and play around. It may or may not help with your use case.

If I can find the original thread, I’ll come back and link to it to provide some context.

Edit: Found the original thread.


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