Simple Sports Club Membership App

Good morning

Can I ask the glide community if there has been a Simple Sports Club Membership App built/deployed in the past and available in the template store.

Something that will allow users to register for different levels of membership leaving all their contact details and online card payment or select a BACS, cash payment (to be followed up on) option.

Thanks would be really interested to see if anyone has had a go at making this sort of app in the past or currently working on something.


Hi, in the Template store of glide, you have some templates, including some arount teams & sport.

I have looked at these templates in the past and there seems to be nothing that is hitting the simple membership side of things, this could be for any sort of club not just sports.

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@Robert_Petitto is about to share a how to video about how to include memberships in an app.

Ok great @Robert_Petitto thanks will be interested to see what you have. Best Ian


Thanks will give it a review…