Simple Finance Template

Hi, Gliders,

I’d like to share a paid template of Simple Finance template. The template is made with Glide Page and Glide’s tables, no additional CSS, no GAS, and no automation as well (you need to use Make or Zapier for the automation process, if necessary).

What’s Simple Finance template?

It’s an app that handles a quite complete finance management process with a simple approach. Starting from basic financial document creation, such as invoice, purchase order, and operating expense (opex) order, up to monitoring and analyzing the financial performance and the cash flows performance. Also, you can monitor and update the performance of financial data respectively; clients, vendors, invoices, purchase orders, and opex orders.

Who needs Simple Finance template?

  • Solely or micro and small entrepreneurs : Simple Finance template provides adequate finance management, with a simple approach. No need for a finance expert to understand the Simple Finance template.
  • Enthusiastic Glide learners : Simple Finance uses a lot of Glide features, such as components, basic and computed columns, and actions as well. You can see how Glide’s doc is implemented. Of course, I’m not a certified expert and still learning all Glide features.
  • The experts/masters : Simple Finance template is a useful Glide web app and has room to improve as one of Glide’s products to your clients, hopefully. I’ve learned beneficial knowledge from you all. Please feel free to give your excellent suggestions for the improvement of the Simple Finance template.

Keep sharing and having fun together. Thanks in advance!


Great job, @Bungchow_IDEApps!

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