Show calendar entries

Hey Community,

my goal is to show a weekly overview of the next week with all todos / projects and so on per day.

I want to find the best way… but lists, calendars and so on do not really work.
Here I show you some samples of what I have tested.

I tried a “calender” page. From a visual perspective and also for long term this could be the best option. It would be nice to see all 7 days of the week on one page with all todo and projects entries in it. Does that work? And how could it work

Another approach would be to use a “titles” screen. But it does not work to show content below the “title” it self right? So this will not work?

Then I tried a detail screen. but therefore I would have to change my database structure, cause I just can show the first row in the column right?

This is the database

On the right you see, that I link the tasks with a relation to the “date”… I am not sure if this is the best way… or if i should do it the other way. I could link the dates to the tasks and show all tasks with a date in it in an order. Only problem is, that I to not just have tasks… also projects and shooting dates and later holidays and so on…

Would be nice to hear if anyone had already similar topics?


If calendar is going to be a focus of your app, I would be switching over to Pages and use the calendar component instead. Way more flexible than anything you will get in Apps.

to switch to glide pages is not what I am looking for. Has anyone else an experience with the possibility to have a week in glide tables at the end. A week which is always actual? As I said, my goal is to put all tasks for the next week below the days.

I’m not sure if it’s what you want, but you could also use grouping in the list to group by date. But since the dates could have different underlying times, you will first have to create a template column that returns the data as a text string. Then use the template column for your grouping.

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