Show average in graph

Hello fellow gliders,

I need some help here:
My dataset looks something like this:

asset equipment average_consumption
ABC 123 24
ABC 345 67
CDE 678 89

I am trying to plot the graph with graph for average consumption of asset and equipment with asset and equipment filters. And assets can have multiple equipment. But the asset always adds up the averages in the graph. Is there a way to show values with averages when asset is selected?

Thank you !

So you want a graph that show all assets, with their average consumption over all types of equipments?

If that’s the case, you can:

  • Add a rowID column.
  • Add a relation from the asset column to itself, make it a multiple match.
  • Add a rollup column over the relation above, get the average value out of average_consumption.
  • Add a single value column and get the first rowID from the relation.
  • In your chart, point to the table, filter by rowID is first rowID from the relation (so we get a unique row for each asset), show the average from the rollup.
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