Show another sheet column in Form

We will fix this soon.


@gvalero Ping Pong Effect is the perfect description, I also thought the problem could be my internet speed but also I think in my case the problem could be that I have too many Array formulas in my sheet? maybe? I really don’t know. I have modified my sheet to do the formulas only at the end of the ordering process but no luck, the ping pong effect is still there

Hello @Mark, any ETA for this fix please?

In the next weeks we hope.

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Awesome. Ive noticed the ping-pong as well. This will be a very welcome fix! :100:

Awesome! Thank you @Mark

Hi @Mark

Any news about the ping pong effect and its fix? Sorry if I bother you wit it but it´s something very annoying on my APP which uses many dynamic relations and choice components.

No me odies por favor! :woozy_face:



We’re working on it.


I have it quite frequently as well, in particular on choice components, but also directly in the dataeditor when I enter - delete data. I thought it was the lag with GSheet, so moved most of my columns with ‘entry/choice’ required in the dateeditor, but it remains.

I have a top UX workaround: “Hey guys, please meditate a bit before changing your choice in the list”!

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Nice UX workaround :rofl:

Well, I don’t think the GS is the main cause, I have the same problem on my new APP which I use user specific columns only (there is no a write to GS) and still suffer with this.

Saludos @AyS_0908

Yes I agree, this is exactly what I experienced also when moved my data from GSheet to DataEditor (+ User Specific).

Hello @Mark any news about this please?

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Sorry, this is still work in progress.

Hi @Mark, on my app (‘pro’ subscription), the ping-pong effect is totally preventing from using it since it happens all the time and we never know what selection remains both on choice components or date. In addition now, I have some rows of inline lists which disappears. It’s an app for “holiday school work”, so I hoped to open it to beta tester some days ago. Do you have a planning? Thank you in advance

I’m hoping to have this fixed in three weeks.


Almost half the holidays; not a good start for my app…
Does it include the inline lists partly disapearing?

:crossed_fingers:t2: Thank you Mark