Sequential Missing Dates from Between two Date Values?

Is there a way to create a computing column that generates all the missing sequential dates based on two date values?
For example.
Column “Start Date” has value of “15-12-2022”
Column “End Date” has value of “20-12-2022”
Column “List of Date” contains the dates ranging from Start to End dates : “15-12-2022, 16-12-2022, 17-12,2022 18-12-2022, 19-12-2022, 20-12-2022” This can either be string or array type but an array type would be preferable.

Additionally, is there a way to list all values i.e. dates, numbers within based on Start and End values?

please educate me.

To generate a list of dates, you can adapt the technique shown below:

To filter between a start date and end date, you can use an if-then-else column:

  • If date is before start date, then null
  • If date is after end date, then null
  • Else true

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