Searching for the last events base on the event's date

I want to search for the last event based on a date column that is arranged in an unordered manner as a single value. What do I have to do?

One way to do that would be to join your search key with a date using a template column in the target tab (assuming you have timestamps on your entries)

Then in the tab you are searching from join your search key with the last known date in a template column.

Finally create a single relation between those two template columns.

Can you go into more detail, Eric?
The date column I mean is the date the event was held not the timestamp. Or with another equivalence, I want to find the last date of a random series of dates in the event date column.

You can rollup the max date, but I’m not sure I understand what want. Are you trying to search for a specific event using the native search or a custom search, or are you just purely looking the the latest date?

You are so amazing. Yes, the rollup has answered my needs. Then I just use if-then-else to find which event has the same date as it.
Thank you, Jeff.

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