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I am trying to create action that searhes for or finds a record in another table.

Is this possible. is there a find action?

No, there is not a find action.
But maybe what you want is a relation column in the Data Editor?
What do you plan to do with the record once it’s found?

I am creating an app for users who work for organisations. Users specify products and those come from a supplier. I could have a supplier list that is unique to each organisation but I will quickly end up with duplicate data. Therefore I would like to create a global suppliers list.

However, there is one snag. Organisations are protective over the suppliers they know about so I don’t want users to be able to search the entire global supplier list to find me suppliers that other companies have added to the global list. I only want a supplier to be added to a list of a organisations suppliers if they already know about them by adding them.

Therefore I have set up a Organisations table and a global suppliers table and then 3rd table like a junction table.

I want the workflow to be as follows.

User who works for an organisations goes to a add supplier form
They enter the name and website of the supplier
I then want to search function to find a row in the global suppliers table and if one exists then take the Id of that row and place in the table above along with the user organisation Id.

I ask because it quite common in Airtable which i am used to using but am keen to use Glide tables for my app


Do you think I could do the same with a lookup as you suggest?


Okay, this is totally doable in Glide.

I don’t have time right now to describe in detail, but I’ll give you the high level steps…

  • You’ll need to use a Custom Form so that you can do the “search” before the form is submitted.
  • I’d recommend using a single row Helper Table to drive your form. This table should have a series of User Specific columns - one for each of your form inputs.
  • Add a relation or query column to this table that targets your Global Suppliers table and filters by your matching criteria, using “This row” values from your User Specific columns
  • Then create a custom submit action with two conditional branches:
    – If the relation/query is empty (supplier not found), then Add a Row to your Global Suppliers table, as well as a row to your link table
    – If the relation/query is not empty (supplier found), then just add a row to your link table

Hopefully that’s enough to get you started.

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Thanks for you reply, works perfectly!!!

One follow up question. Can i make the form public so it can be embeded somewhere else?

If you are on a Business plan or above, you can contact Glide to have them enable iFrame Embedding. Then you can embed your app into other websites.

Ok great thanks. And do you know if I can specially get the embed for the form only?

You can embed the link to your app. If you use the url for the form screen then you could embed just that url. If there are other parts of your app that you don’t want to be accessible, then you may be better off creating a separate app that only serves the function of showing the form and nothing else.

Perfect thanks

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