Script experts?

is there any of you glide experts , experects with scripts to googlesheets? That you can help me with my glide app? please and thank you…


Write your request over here to help you better.

Some screenshots help a lot most cases (for me :wink:)

I have an app for riders to make request for local destination trips.
i need a text message alert for when the ride payment is made, then appear on the trip page that is avaliable to the driver. Notifyw drivers online whose online at the moment via text messege with the number they signed up with, there is a ride available. all on the google sheets with extentions.


I think this script and info can help you to start

Of course, you will have to integrate several external services to get SMS task/functionality you desire (e.g. Make/Zapier).

I don’t think that would work how you want. I think you’re trying to build something like Uber/Grab, and in this case you can’t really know which drivers are “online” at that moment to receive the text.

The closest thing you can get is try to have a “set column” action to set a timestamp to a “last online” column in their user profiles table, thẹn for example consider ones that are “last online” 10 minutes ago or less to be “currently online”. However, that requires user interaction and is not truly reliable.

if the driver is using your app, to get rides… I will enforce them to have your app ON all the time as Uber does… then you can have popup messages on your app and email (triggered by script) just in case they miss it. When payment is made, just simple relation to the payment sheets… that the customer is ready for pickup.
Make sure your drivers do not have your email in spam, and it will work as a text message.
to deal with real texting is hard, and required additional paid services.