Screen shot component?

Is there a way to have the user press a button or otherwise and capture a screenshot as opposed to iPad/phone side buttons. Was imagining a scenario where I have my students prove/send me their results from the current tab by pressing a button that would produce a screenshot and then load it in an email to send to me via a compound action.

The only way I think of is to let them capture a screenshot, save it, then upload it.
Perhaps there is another way … Any help @Krivo @Jeff_Hager @Robert_Petitto or @ThinhDinh

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I agree with you @Nadir_Abdelrahman_MD. That’s the only way I could think of to do it as an image.

My only other thought would be build a template column with HTML formatting to show the info how you want it to look. Then include the template in the body of the email.

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Sounds like a feature to hope for…


@Todd_Lichtenwalter Jeff got a good suggestion.
But my question would be - why do you want a screen shot instead of the data on the screen? If you got multiple students wouldn’t you then like to see all the information from all students at once. Wouldn’t you like to get the information like data and not just an image.


Hi Krivo, maybe someone has a better suggestion but in this case use students are in a simulator (think Star Trek Bridge) and in some instances are generating charts, drawings, sharing data etc and sending these to other consoles- I was thinking the fastest way to share that data would be to send photos via email. Though email is not ideal, I am not sure how else to do it. Plus, I as the teacher would like to get their graphs sent to me for grading and other uses (portfolios etc) as opposed to seeing the data in the spreadsheet.

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Another option is to ask them to save their work online -

  1. By using google products => sheets/docs, slides/graphs, etc
  2. Let them create a shareable link to their work
  3. Then they can copy/paste that into app. => to proof they have done the assignment.
  4. You can check when you click on the link.
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Good thinking Nadir, however in this case use I am aiming to keep them in app as much as possible so as to not break the fantasy of the simulation. They are all dressed up in Star Trek and Star Wars costumes role-playing the adventure.

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