Same source table


Im new here and tried to search for this, but I can’t for the love of god find out what Im doing wrong.

When Im in main screen, looking at the layout, I have the main selection. And when I select one of the options under navigation (I use glide table for data input) I get to a “new” screen that comes up under components. This comes up as: component on the left side, and I then select a new list for data input on the right side, and selected a list with check. This works fine, but when I go back and select one of the other “components” it comes up with the same data source. If I change the data source in this screen, it changes for all 4 options I have on the main screen.

What am I missing?


I’m not sure what you’re trying to do here. What exactly are you trying to create? A list of components for a specific tab, or a new tab tied to a table?

It would be great if you can demonstrate the problem using a video recording. Thank you.

I saw this earlier, but couldn’t respond at the time. I think @Kennet might be looking for Independent Screen Configuration? :thinking:

@Kennet - is the component that you are referring to on your main screen a collection? And are you trying to use it to navigate to different parts of your App, more or less like a dashboard menu?

There is a way to do that, but before I dive into an explanation I just want to be sure that I’m not answering the wrong question.

A screen shot or two of your builder layout would be useful.

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