Rows closer together

I have three consecutive basic table components. Is there a way to get the rows to appear closer together (less spacing between rows)?

What do you mean about spacing ? Would you mind sharing a screenshot ?

Thank you for the quick reply! I have three rows “# of made 10-foot putts” through “% of made 10-foot putts.” Is there a way to get those three rows to be closer together (ie, eliminating some or all of the white space between the rows)

Thanks ! You’ll definetly some CSS here.

Any reasons you don’t have multiple rows in a table?

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Is there any reason why you are using 3 basic table components instead of one basic table with 3 rows?


I’ll try that. I’m new to Glide (day two) so I’m just learning. I’m sure the multiple rows in the table will work! Thank you!


No worries, just let us know if you need help!

You can use the “Add row” feature here.



Another question. I’m trying to add a progress bar for someone who is collecting donations. In the column field, I have it directed to “amount raised”. I thought in the maximum field, I’d put “fundraising goal” so the image would show amount raised as a percentage of the total goal. It appears as though the app is reading “100” as the maximum. When I click on “custom” for the maximum field, “100” is populating the field.

Please don’t ask the same question in different topic threads. You wind up with multiple answer threads and it all gets very confusing.