Referencing event stream-like tables

I need help. I’m working on a team scheduling app. I have an event with some information about the event (name, ID, date) and I have some action text at the bottom of the form that the users will click that will bring them to a form to assign people to the event. When they click on the action text, I’m opening up another form that is a simple 2 choice field form (user from user table and role from a role table)

Here are the tables involved:
“Users” source table for the choice input titled “Team Member”
“Positions” source table for the choice input titled “Role”
“Events” table where the event details are being written to
“assignment event stream” table where each individual request gets recorded, assigned a Unique ID, tracked for an “accepted” or “rejected” status.

What I want:

  • The user fills out the event details part of the form
  • The user chooses a teammate from the choice dropdown of users
  • The user selects a role for that team member
  • When they click a button, a workflow kicks off
    • add row adds the row of information to the event stream table (Team member name, role, and event ID)
    • user receives confirmation that info was saved
    • user sees a list populate below the form with the names of the people who have been assigned and what their role is

What is actually happening:

  • A row is created in the event stream table with nothing in it

I’ve also tried this:

  • User clicks on a button that takes them to a 2 input form
  • User inputs data into those two fields,
  • User clicks submit

The second way is closer to what I want but I can’t get the event ID from the event to put into the event stream. I need that so that I can filter the list that is generated from all of the members of the team who are serving at this particular event.

What am I missing?

Are you trying to use a form within a form? If so, most of your issues may be because you are trying to reference column values that haven’t been written to the table yet. I wouldn’t recommend using a form within a form. Especially if the parent and child records need to be connected in some way.

That could be the problem but if so, I’m stuck still. How can I dynamically add people to an event when I might not know how many people I’ll need (a simple solution of putting multiple choice fields on the form doesn’t seem to solve for this because the number I will need might be variable every time)

Can you create and submit the event before adding users to it, instead of trying to do both at the same time?


I had that same thought this morning after I replied to you Jeff. Thanks for the reply! I’m going to try that and see if it will work. I’ll let you know!


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@Jeff_Hager that was the problem. What I ended up doing was using the initial event creation flow to add event details only. Once the event is created, I navigate the user to the event details page and that’s where the user then adds the worship team members. It works great, thank you for your help!

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