Question about “choice” lists

Is it possible to prevent a choice from being listed if it’s already been selected in a previous form?

Students need to choose 1/6 planes, 1/3 instructors, and a date/time that hasn’t been selected yet.

I’m wondering if this is possible via sheets + glide in any way…

Look at the booking example in Sound very similar to what you want.

YES! Perfect example and thank you so much for sharing that link!
I can add in the planes easy enough but for a student that wants to book a 8am time for 2 hours of flight time, is there a clever way to automatically book both 9am and 10am using the same variables without having to submit 3 total forms?

Wondering if it would work better having the student choose an hour duration or an end time. I just need the button to remain “Unavailable” if someone tries to book a time during another booking’s duration.

I’ll keep thinking :wink:

Take a look at my booking app…it does what you’re asking:


Yes exactly!!! How are you handling the duration?