Purchase of domain and web hosting

I decided to buy a domain so as to configure a custom domain for my app but do i also need to purchase web hosting or does glide take care of the hosting.

No, you do not need hosting. Glide already provides it.


I confirm that, I’m not an expert, I bought a domain and followed the instructions in the video, it was not hard after I figured it out and connection was pretty much istantaneous

I should have read this before I already bought web hosting… I was doing the research on best web hosting now, and when I saw that you can get it for a monthly fee of only one dollar, I bought it without thinking much about it. It was not on purpose, I was just browsing 28msec.com, and reading about how it all works, but that is how they get you. It’s so great that Glide takes care of it, you don’t have to spend extra money on hosting. Others are not that polished, they don’t care as much. Still, I am not having a big loss, I will just use it for something different.