Public App - USC values

Hi Guys,
I am trying to make part of my app public.
I was wondering how data that a non signed user fills is saved.
Is it always in the first User row? Does USC work?

User specific columns are stored in whichever row of whichever table contains the user specific column.

There normally isn’t any reason for using user specific columns in the user profile row, because each row is already specific to a particular user. USC columns have no direct correlation with a user profile record, unless you happen to have USC columns in the user profile.

As for how USC columns work when a user is not signed in…they will only store the value locally on the user device. They will not sync that USC value back to the server. It will only sync and save USC values to the server when a user is signed in. Also, since a USC value is not synced to the server when a user is not signed in, then the value will be lost when the app is closed. When a non-signed in user opens the app again, those USC values will be cleared out.

So when a user is signed in, USC values are synced to the server and saved. When a user user is not signed in, USC values are only stored temporarily while the app is open.


Thank you for the detailed answer.

Really helped me understand.

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