Project Showcase - Rumur

Hi all, I want to just start by saying this is my 1st app built outside of building PWAs using SharePoint for a “real job”.

This is a video made from my cofounder for a new app I’ve spent the last 8 weeks building and have to say that I love this platform and I’m so glad I found it and this community. While I haven’t really posted, I’ve found so much info in here and from the various videos on YouTube.

Rumur is a productivity app for users in the Crypto space. Currently, the focus has been on something called airdrop farming, but you can think of it as a more accessible option to track information vs something such as Notion or Google Sheets.

Link to the app -
Link to the video -

The app has a 7 day free trial for anyone who wants to do some exploring and see things but the video demonstrates a lot of the functionality as well.

I can’t wait to explore more on the AI front and implement it into the app!


Congrats on the launch!

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This is a wonderfully designed app, great work.

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Thanks! It’s def been a journey and only the beginning haha. Especially learning how to trebuchet everything…

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