Problemas con el contador de actualizaciones

Hola, Buenas tardes, alguien ha notado algún problema con el contador de actualizaciones en lo que respecta a Notificaciones y envíos de Correos electrónico?
en mi caso estoy trabajando con estas herramientas y al enviar un correo a un destinatario, me suma 5 actualizaciones en vez de 1 como se ha indicado.
en cuanto a las notificaciones automáticas algunos destinatarios se suman 4, otros 2. Alguien que me pueda ayudar con esto?


The action uses 1 update per recipient, so the different numbers you see is because your lists have different amounts of recipients.

Correcto, es una actualización por destinatario pero hice la prueba agregando solo un destinatario en notificaciones y me cuenta 2, hice la prueba con 1 destinatario en enviar un correo y me cuenta 5

If you can reproduce that in a Loom video, we would appreciate that.

I noticed a very strange situation in the update counter regarding edits. From one day to the next (from yesterday to today) an application that I’m still finishing has counted more than 1,300 updates. This app hasn’t been released yet and I’ve been using the vast majority of additions and edits through the data editor (which theoretically shouldn’t count updates). Only a few tests I’m using outside of the data editor (and in these tests there were at most 20 updates). So I’m not understanding why in less than 24 hours the number of updates (only related to edits) has exploded by over 1300 for an app that is still not being used by users. Has anyone else noticed any variance in the update counter?


I’ve been researching what could be wrong.

In my case, I think I understood what happened.
I’m using OpenAi to populate data in my base and I use actions to facilitate the whole process.

Previously I thought that edits and adds that I made while logged in as a member (using the layout tab in the control panel) would not count as updates.

But I’ve noticed that when those edits and additions happen through actions, they really count as updates.

So I believe there is nothing wrong. It is simply the usual behavior.


Hola, le envio el video donde consta como el contador me suma 10 actualizaciones al enviar un correo a un destinatario.

(Attachment PRUEBA ENVIAR CORREO.mp4 is missing)

The attachment is missing.

@carlos_yegres your attachment did not come. But I was able to replicate the issue regarding update accounting when I use the Send Email action using the Gmail integration.

The amount of updates before the action was 15 and after was 20.
I.e. the action computed 5 updates for just one recipient.