Previous records

How can I avoid that when changing the price of a product, this change does not affect the previous records?

Record the price

I don’t understand :sweat_smile:, could you explain a little more please?

When you are recording an item sale, record the item’s price…

What are the previous records that you are worried about?

These are purchases, not sales

When I modify the app with the new price, it also modifies the records prior to the date of change.

I want to prevent that from happening

Are the prices coming from a relation to another table that contains the prices? How are you creating this for purchases?

I get the prices from the supplier table, however the problem

Sample- Item ¨A¨ on 01/12/2023 its price was $ 3.00
Now- Item ¨A¨ at this moment or by now its price is $ 3.50

So item ¨A¨ has rise its price and I don’t want this change affects the
previoous price records.
How can I avoid change the previous record with the new prices?

Note: These are purchases not sales

But how are you doing this? Are you using a Relation and Lookup? If you are, you should be writing that price to a basic column when the row is added.