Possible to click and display random item from a list?

I am putting together an app that features a list of Spanish verbs that require use of a preposition, and on click showing the correct preposition to use. I’ve got it set up by its default method, ie. showing a list of all the verbs, then on click displaying the appropriate preposition. But I’d like to add a tab wherein a user would click a button to see a random word from the list, then click the button again (or click a second button) to see the appropriate preposition. That way they can test themselves on random selections from the list, as well as going through the list item by item.

I haven’t yet seen any way to use randomization with a component, but I’ve only been working with Glade for an hour or two. Is there such functionality? Thanks for any suggestions!


PS: I’m using a Google Sheet for the data, in case that helps. I’ve considered whether I might create the random function in the underlying data sheet…

First up, welcome to the community! We hope you will enjoy your time here.

For your question, I crafted a quick app for you.

Let me know if it works.


Here’s a PDF walking you through each step I did.


Tango looks interesting… any thoughts about it?

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I might use it more in the forum. It helps displaying things step by step, which helps new people a lot. An alternative I also like is ScribeHow.

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Thank you…

I had a less complicated use-case but l still couldn’t solve a part of it.

I created a table called Banners to display images (ads) randomly on the same location. I just used an image column and a SV column (random function) and the list (in the GDE) should show only one image. It works. This is the app I shared yesterday: app.culturebookcollector.com

When I wanted to associate the website link to each image, things got a lot more complicated. The only link that was displayed was the first one. Is your description can apply to my use-case?

Assuming your Banners table has 2 columns: image & link, add a rowID column to it.

Your SV should be able to return a random rowID, then filter an inline list by that random rowID. You can show the image and add an open link action.

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That does not seem to work…

Please attach a video or some images of how you are setting it up.

I guess it’s a complicated use case. Maybe the whole approach should be changed.