Please help! RANDBETWEEN(A1;A2)

How to make it work =RANDBETWEEN(A1;A2)

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Put the comma after A1 and see.


I get like this.

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I don’t think randbetween is supported.
Scratch that. Clearly, I didn’t look properly :crazy_face:


Thanks! It’s working!

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Your welcome

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Another question: how to make it generate a new number by clicking, without changing the range

You mean clicking that record?
Not sure about this.

I tried adding two number columns and one is for A1 and other one for A2. Then change the numbers between 5 and 24 on that columns and click that Rand column and click done then changing the numbers


The user clicks another inline list with answer options. By clicking, a new line is added to the report with the user’s choice and the answer option. But if it works, you can try to pull up this inline list as well.

at the same time, the range should not change

I added two Number columns like Number and Number 2. Then I set the Number to the A1 in the Hyperformula column and set the Number 2 to A2. Then I added them in the Edit screen and when I put two numbers in the edit screen and like 6 and 8 and click Submit it gives a random number on the Hyperformula column base on that numbers

Same for the Create new one

yes, it works, it works, but I need a new, random value from the same range, just write the same values into these cells? I’ll try it now… the edit screen is too long for this situation

I’m not sure. Like this?

There is another way to do this that doesn’t require hyperformula or other plugins.
You could:

  • create a single column that contains the range of numbers you need to select from (5-24), one per row.
  • display that in an inline list, setting the sort order to random, and then limit to a single list item.
  • then all you need is an action to do a reshuffle

I’m a bit in a stupor over this app. There is a slightly more complex algorithm of work in contrast to what I described. I will prepare detailed questions and write here later. THANKS A LOT to everyone who responded!

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The customer gave me a table of 8k rows and 65 columns and asked me to make, probably a card simulator.

  1. It is necessary to generate a random card from the card column (8K rows), while the user has determined in advance(randomly selects) possible values in the second pos column. Accordingly, random values in the card column are taken only from the same rows as pos.
    This is not all, there is a third Action column, the user also fixes the values in it, but in accordance with the choice in pos.
  2. There are 55 more columns (number of cards), the user determines the range from which the number of cards are randomly issued. The correct user responses are stored in these columns. It is necessary, in addition to the correct one, to give out a range of values to choose from.
    Total: pos and Action (selected by the user), and card and QTY are generated according to ranges.
  3. The user clicks on the answer, which is recorded in the table in the background, without showing the result to the user, and a new combination is immediately generated.
    The first attempt to write an application resulted in the fact that I was completely confused in the relations and, most importantly, I could not achieve stable output of random values and background writing to the table (the source table was provided in excel, so the output table was used by GS).
    At the second stage, I plan to write to the glide table and upload it as a separate function later, for analysis (customer’s requirement)
    Why I wanted to use a hyperformula is because there is no need to study the mathematical part, and it is quite simple to set ranges. Glide random plugin is too versatile and requires additional skills to get the result
    Using an inline list, initially, looks attractive, but so far, I can’t imagine how I will find out what value the user sees on the screen in order to generate data based on this information to show to the user. No inputs to the editing windows are appropriate here, the user clicks only once in his choice and it is necessary to generate two random values from the ranges by this click and simultaneously save the user’s choice with the initial conditions.
    Maybe someone has already done a similar simulator on 440K+ cells with simultaneous generation of two random values from the range and saving the user’s choice(add row)? Glide, in fact, will theoretically cope with such a task? I tested only 399 lines.

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