Perplexity Integration

Perplexity integration

What does it do?

Perplexity is the new Search engine that is taking on Google. They use a combination of LLM models to give a new kind of search experience that is some ways is better than Google, especially in regards to academic research. My Glide app is built for my k12 science class students and having Perplexity inside Glide would be awesome. I tried embedding it as a Web component but Perplexity Ai blocks access this way. If you reached out to them to make it so, that would be a powerful new capability for Glide. If you are not familiar with Perplexity, they are one of the hot new Ai startups in the Valley.

Sorry, yes Iā€™m very familiar with Perplexity and we share investors with them. I wanted to know specifically how you want to use Perplexity in your apps

Ah, yes. With Perplexity using a combination of LLMs (OpenAI, Claude, Mistrel), there are advantages especially in regards to doing research and they can at the same time do the standards things like generate quizzes for themselves etc. I can also create Text Entry components for them to save their search results etc.

One more thing, David. I am working to move my entire curriculum into Notion and make it my LMS. Being able to embed my Glide apps into Notion would be excellent. Currently I have Notion and Glide as my two information and productivity platforms for my students but they would have to bounce back and forth which is not ideal. So, here is one vote for being able to embed Glide in Notion. By embed, it can be as simple as allowing the web URL to embed and there they do the regular login etc. Thank you for considering.

Would access to only google search results be enough for your use cases?

there are some differences, like saving searches and things, but yes, if that is all there is available, we can roll with that. Does that exist already and I just need to head over to integrations?

You should be able to do this already. Reach out to Glide Support, give them the App ID of the App you want to embed and they will enable it for you.

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Excellent, I will try just that. Thank you.