Number Picker - Suggestions Please

Suggestions needed please.

I have an app in which a user needs to answer a series of questions by choosing a number between 1 and 10. I’m struggling to find a “nice, user friendly” way to achieve this with the Glide components that I’m aware of. For example:

  • Rating component - only goes up to 5
  • Feedback component - ditto and I can’t choose appropriate emoji anyway
  • Choice component - segmented only goes up to 6

So I’m therefore stuck with either:

  • A number edit
  • A choice component with “dropdown”

The first is a bit clunky. The second is a bit “bland” when it just contains the numbers 1 to 10.

I’m guessing that somebody must have done this before in a user-friendly way? Or maybe @Antonio has some ideas to make it look nicer? It’s a shame because the rest of the app looks super cool (if I say so myself).


2 choice components one after the other, the first is set to 1-5 and the second to 6-10.
Both components write to the same column so if they choose 5 and then 7 the 5 will disappear

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That’s interesting @yinon_raviv but it may give me an issue with the “required” checkbox. I need to ensure that the user enters a number, so in this scenario I’d need to set both choices to required, but one would not have a value?

Correct. No problems with that I think

Yes but it means that they can’t submit their form because both options components need to be required and one will not be?

As both write to the same place the required will work as it will look if the field is empty or not I believe

Here’s a user-friendly way.

@yinon_raviv and @ThinhDinh much appreciated - will have a play with both ideas

Unless @Antonio has something up his sleeve of course!

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