Notion as Datasource in Glide (through GSheet): someone has experience?

Hi there!

For my own company, we are using Notion a lot for internal notes and as a CRM.
The advantage of Notion is it’s absolute flexibility in note taking/adding docs etc. The Glide note element doesn’t come close.

However, for customers and external parties, notion can quickly become cluttered (it’s UI isn’t the cleanest) and it’s better practice to give them access to a toned down version of our data through for example a Glide App.

I am now thinking about keeping Notion for our internal team but building a Glide app on top of it as a customer dashboard. I think I can 2-way sync Notion Databases to Google Sheets with and then use these sheets to create a Glide App. Every update wherever, will be propagated to the other channel.

Anyone have experience with this? Is my approach above the best way?


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I think it’s a method worth testing out. :slight_smile:

E.g. I’d check for is delays or collisions, and how those are reconciled. Like if data changes in Notion and Glide side around the same time, will any of that data be lost?

I have tested it with the mentioned solution. Everything works seamlessly!
It’s magic haha, it works really well. Wouldn’t have thought this, definitely an undervalued feature of Notion/Glide. Given Notion’s 100 million users, it might be a great native data source integration for Glide.

The only downside of the mentioned tool is that it only syncs Notion with Google Sheet every 15 minutes. I think Notion stays the Master so it will overwrite when you change the same cell at the same time. Mostly the chances of this happening are minimal with our use case (Glide is mostly read only + we have a small team). One other downside is that the content of pages isn’t synced (only data cells), however this isn’t really an issue as you can construct notion url’s with the notion page id which is synced to google sheet and thus Glide (the url structure is“pagenamewithspacereplacedby-”-“idwithout’-'s”).

There are tools btw that sync in realtime (starting at €100 (<10000 database entries) -€600 per month (unlimited database entries)).


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